K’s History

K’s International was founded in 2006 to support businesses through the challenges of globalization and internationalization.

The founder, Kuniko Shimada, foresaw the future demand for language services and solutions.

The company started life offering translation and interpreting at first. It expanded to encompass further key products such as website design, desktop publishing, conference interpreting and transcription, as well as temporary staffing and placements.

K’s Services

We focus on two areas:

1) Localisation, Translation and Interpretation
2) Staffing and placement of language talents(within Japan) under the government license

K’s Team

K’s team consists of as follows:

  • President: Kuniko Shimada 
  • Operating Manager : Y Mukai 
  • Translators & Interpreters: We have a team of over 2000+ linguists across the globe who work for us. All our translators and interpreters are full-time, qualified, professional and experienced.
  • Resources Team: As well as commercial services we also offer a number of free tools and resources which the Resources Team dream up and implement.

Kuniko Shimada/President

K’s Head Office

5F-4-8-10, Koraibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0043
Tel +81-6-7896-6600 Fax +81-6-6484-5091
Email Contact 

Tokyo Office

B602 2-12-10 Muguro, Muguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0063
Tel +81-50-5212-3989