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Gateway to Japan for foreign affiliated companies entering into Japan


K’s international provides various business services to foreign affiliated companies who wants to start and develop business in Japan. HQ located in Osaka, we can do the close communication especially in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto.

We are a professional team of global experts with both domestic and overseas business experiences. We are familiar with not only languages but the business customs of Japan and other countries. Our best strength, the multi-language services, enable you to smoothly expand your business in Japan. Our support options cover a wide variety of  tasks such as expansion planning, liaison office, consulting, and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).



All communication at each stage is done in English or Chinese.    NO Language Barrier

You can also pick up service you need.

Phase 1 Market research &  Strategy planning Ask you about goals for your business in Japan, and work together to make an action plan.
Phase 2 Various Preparation Provide a wide range of support such as renting an office, operational support, recruiting and more.
Phase 3 Incorporated and registered in Japan Provide legal support to establish you company in Japan. If needed, we can offer our office as your registered office.
Phase 4 Business operation  start Help any admin operation  (HR, tax/accounting, etc.) that suit your needs.

With our global communication and international business expertise;
we provide full support to foreign companies entering into the Japanese market.

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