Case studies: See how other companies like yours have enjoyed a successful wonderful business trip in Japan with us.

Our professional team work our best to aid your business in Japan.

Here are few samples  of our projects:

(Concescutive Interpretation)
M&A integration team kickoff meetings

We have helped M&A/Integration Project for major international insurance companies. Its really sensitive meeting for those empoloyees whose company is integrated. Our professional interpreters make sure that the choice of words, nuances and technical terms reach the audience

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(Simultaneous Interpretation)
NELIS Public Forum   

NELIS stands for Next Leaders’ Initiative for Sustainability. In this October, participants of the NELIS have held a public forum in Shiga Prefecture.

Ks International is proud to have played a role in the public forum where “next generation leader” speaks their idea to make the world better.



(Event Interpretation)
Asian Art Event

Unknown Asia is an art event where artists from all around Asia gather together and display their art work.

Ks International was in charge of all the interpretation (Chinese, English, Thai) during that event. It was such a great experience to us to be able to connect different people with different background through artwork.


(Escote Interpreting) 

Ks International also provides attendant interpretation services. As the Ise-shima G7 Summit is coming up soon, Ks International provided attendant interpretation services for foreign media companies whom came and visited  Ise-shima.

Details: We have picked up our clients from Kansai International Airport then arranged a chartered bus to Ise-shima. Our client and interpreters have enjoyed fabulous seafood and visited the Ise-jingu, where the greatest god in Japan lays, and a pearl factory in the “pearl island”.



Business conference interpretation


Other achievements: EU seminar and more.